CNC Pipe Bending Machine

Single Axis Pipe Bending Machine


Rapid Flow has designed and manufactured the highest quality machines for tube industry since 1979. Rapid machines have earned a good reputation worldwide. Rapid Tube bending machines can be used for economical, small batch to high volume mass production. The range includes Electrical & PLC (Single Axis) Tube Bending Machines. The machine has all production related features. We also supply tooling for the simple to most complex tube bending applications.

Features of Pipe Bending Machine

  • Cost effective & alternative to CNC bending.
  • High volume production machine avoiding manual power.
  • Produces wrinkle free, clean, repetitive bends.
  • Interchangeable set of tooling for each type of bend.
  • Operates at minimum working pressure for trouble free operation.
  • Memory Capacity : 50Programes with 11 Bends / Program.
  • Mitsubishi Control with HMI are installed to input data precisely

Applications of Pipe Bending Machines

  • Building construction (Windows, Trusses, Interior decoration)
  • Furnitures (Beds, Hospital equipments, Wheel chairs)
  • Automotive (Exhaust, Seat frames, Stabilizers)
  • Gymnasium Equipments- Baby Strollers
  • Chemical Plant- Petrochemical Plants
  • Material handling equipments
  • Stores display equipments
  • Cycle, Motorcycle frames
  • Electrical appliances
  • Refrigeration pipes
  • Irrigation systems
  • Boiler tubes

Sequence of Bending

  • Insert tube over mandrel
  • Grip end of tube with clamping die
  • Close pressure die
  • Select bending angle
  • Initiate bending electrically through PLC
  • Release both clamping and pressure die
  • Remove bent portion out of roller die
  • Proceed with next bend

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