CNC Pipe Bending Machine

Manual Toggle Type Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine


Rapid flow has designed and manufactured the highest quality hydraulic pipe bending machines for tube industry since 1979. Rapid machines have earned a good reputation worldwide. Rapid Tube bending machines can be used for economical, small batch to high volume mass production. The machine has all production related features. We also supply tooling for the simple to most complex tube bending applications.

Machine Features

  • Die Clamping & Pressure die controlled with hand operated toggle
  • All slides guided on linear guideways
  • Bend axis powered by hudraulic cylinder

hydraulic pipe bending machines
Technical Specifications
Model PB 20
Max. Tube Capapcity (D x T) 20mm x 1.5mm (Ferrous tubes UTS 45 Kg/mm2)
Min. Tube Capacity (Diameter) 6mm
Max. Bend Radius(CLR) 100mm
Min. Bend Radius(CLR) 20mm
Min. Bend Radius (in terms of D) 1.5D
Standard Length over mandrel 550 Metres
Bend Angle Range 5 to 180 degrees
Bending Direction Clockwise
Bending Speed 60 degrees / second
Indicative Production Rate 200 (90 degrees bends / hour )
Bend Angle Accuracy ± 0.25 degrees
Motor 2.0 HP
Oil Tank capacity 35 Litres (built in)

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